Marriage License Requirements (For applicants under the age of 18)
Individuals who are the ages of 16 and 17 may only purchase a marriage license with both parents signing their consent.

Anyone under the age of 16 must have a written court order from a judge allowing the marriage, and it must be presented before a marriage license will be sold. If a court order is obtained, the signatures of the parents will not be necessary.

Any bride who is under the age of 18 has to purchase the license in the county of her residence.

Both parents must be residents of Hardin County at the time of the purchase of the license.

If one parent has sole custody of the minor, that parent may sign the consent form alone, but they must bring documentation to that effect.

The parent will have to come in to the office to sign the marriage license, and they are also required to have 2 witnesses who know them, and are willing to sign to that effect. All parties must be present at this time.

The bride and groom are not allowed to sign as witnesses for any of the accompanying parties.

All parties are required to provide a picture ID, such as a driverís license, at the time of purchase (no exceptions).